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This is the NIST Switch home page. NIST Switch is a label switching development package that runs (or will, eventually) on Linux and FreeBSD.

New! Version 0.2 released! (10 May 2000)

Version 0.2 of NIST Switch is now available. This version runs with FreeBSD 3.3 and ALTQ-2.0, and includes new functionality.

Version 0.1 released! (9 July 1999)

This is to announce the release of the preliminary version 0.1 of our multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) research platform, NIST Switch. NIST Switch implements quality of service and explicit routing through label switching. It uses proposed extensions to RSVP to signal QoS requests and distribute labels.

NIST Switch functionality

NIST Switch version 0.2 implements functionality described in a number of Internet Drafts:

NIST Switch runs over Ethernet (10Mb and 100Mb) and ATM. It is based on commodity PC hardware running on freely-available operating systems (currently, FreeBSD 3.3) (Linux 2.2.X versions to come).

As an experimental platform, NIST Switch is designed to be easily altered. Each of its key components (queueing algorithms, label databases and distribution, routing algorithms, device support routines, QoS policies) are independently configurable modules which are readily replaceable.

NIST Switch is free, public domain code. (More precisely, while our implementation is public domain, it is based in part on other code which is covered by BSD-style copyrights.)

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This project is part of the research and development program of the NIST Internetworking Technology Group (ITG).

Project support was provided by:
The NIST Information Technology Laboratory (ITL)
The code is based in part on:
FreeBSD version 2.2.6
ALTQ version 1.1
ISI RSVPD rel4.2a3

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