USG IPv6 2014 Client Tester (beta)

The following simple tester allows you to verify IPv6 connectivity from your domain. It tests web connectivity, DNS forward and reverse lookups for your host, and allows you to test IPv6 email access as well.

Your tests are tied together with a key, which you may later use to check your results.

This tester requires Javascript to enable the client functionality required; make sure you have it turned on before attempting to run the tests.

Go here for more information on the tests performed, and how they work.

Please fill in the following form and press "Submit Request" to run the test.

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Email address (optional)
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Other functionality (autodetected)
HTTPS over IPv6:
DNS over IPv6:
We no longer use a self-signed certificate, so you should no longer see a red "X" or a "broken" image icon in the "HTTPS over IPv6" box above. If it still appears, you may have the old certificate cached somewhere.

Try clicking here to force loading the new one.

To check a previous entry, enter its key and date below. In this beta version, it currently only provides a raw database dump of the information recorded.


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Last update: Fri 22 Nov 2013