IPv6 Tools and Test Materials

This is the beginning of a set of tools and test software for IPv6. They should be useful for IPv6 implementations and IPv6 protocol testers, both for those as part of the USG IPv6 test program and for independent efforts.

New! USGv6 2014 Client Tester

A set of tools and scripts which can be used to demonstrate client system IPv6 capability, of the sort required by the 2014 mandate.

IPv6 Test Samples

1. The first released sample was based on Fedora 11. It is described in more detail here. Here are the instrumented additions created for this sample: 2. The second released sample is based on Fedora 14. It is described in more detail here. Currently only the test image itself is provided, but instrumented additions will be available soon.

The second release includes a patch for SA_INIT processing which is necessary for a number of the conformance tests to pass. The third release includes ipsec-tools, for those who wish to use it; it should otherwise produce the same testing results as the second release.

IPv6 Test Tools and Code

Here are some additional tools and code samples useful for IPv6.

Other IPv6 resources

Here are other resources of interest to the testing program.

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